Thanks for stopping by our web site! If you have seen us at one of the many educational conferences where we exhibit, then you are aware of some of our products. If you have not seen us, basically our "stock" designs are geared toward the professionals who teach, care for, or care about children. Our website is a continuing "work in progress". At this time, if you will open the "showrooms" tab, you will see most of our embroidery and screen print designs. Our "BLING" (rhinestone and stud designs) are partially shown and more will follow shortly. When we add your school or organization name into our designs, they make excellent professional looking staff shirts which will promote spirit and morale within your often overburdened crew. We will be glad to quote a price for staff shirts regardless of quantity. Since all of our embroidery is directly sewn into the garment, we can do single item orders as well as large quantities. There are some efficiencies in quantity that will reduce the prices on larger orders, but we try to provide quality products and service for any size organization and remain aware of budget constraints. In addition to "wearables", we can help you with hundreds of other professional and promotional products that you may need. Just click on the "search" tab and enter your category or theme, price range for your budget, and quantity of the item you will need and see what is available! There will often be minimum quantities that apply to these products, but quite often a few extra $$ will offset the minimum requirements. If you are like we are and have questions that you cannot find the answer to on this site, please feel free to give us a call at 214-878-0514. click the "contact us" for fax and email information.


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